Subho Drishti FAQS

  • Where are you based?

           We are based in Kolkata, India but we have expanded our reach to Assam and Mumbai as well.             We are willing to work wherever our project takes us; all over India and the world.

  • When was your Company founded?

           Our company was founded on 22nd June  2017 with Sayan Saha.

  • What is the Strength of your company?

           Currently, we have 25 odd employees working for us. There are various departments, namely –               Photography, Cinematography, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Editing, Colour Grading,                           Designing, Operations, Digital Media & PR and Content Creation.

           Each department has a department head. Sayan Saha, Aviraj Saha And Tikai Mondal are                         heading one department or the other with the other employees in each department.

  • What is your team size on an assignment?

           Our team size depends mostly on the number of guests in the said assignment and the scope               of the assignment.

  • How many assignments on an average do you take in a year?

           On average, we take 15 odd assignments per year.